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The Fort Sill Apache Tribal Government employs approximately 50 people. It offers services to both Tribal members and the local Native American population through the following programs:

  • Higher Education Program: offers financial assistance for Tribal members who are attending college or graduate school. It provides up to $18,000 per year and is currently serving about 26-30 members.
  • Housing Authority: provides housing for low-income Tribal members.
  • Cultural Program: preserves and promotes the culture of the Chiricahua and Warm Springs bands of Apache through instructional programs, recordings and publications.
  • Aging and Nutrition Program: Offers free lunches to elderly local Native Americans
  • Community Health Representative: Provides community health services and transportation to and from local clinics and hospitals to the local Native American community.
  • Diabetes Program: Offers education and assistance to local Native Americans in order to prevent the occurrence of diabetes and to assist those who are affected by it.
  • EPA Program: provides environmental programs within the tribe‚Äôs service area. This program offers one of only a few recycling programs in rural Southwest Oklahoma.
  • Emergency Youth Shelter: offers a safe environment for Native American children who are temporarily in need of a home.
  • Indian Child Welfare: provides home placement and supervision services for Fort Sill Apache children.